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AnexVM, is a feature packed machine that measures and bar-code scans the Actual Weight, Volume and Volumetric Weight of packages at the click of a button. It consists of length, breadth and height of parcel, avoiding human errors and laborious manual calculations.


Instant Measurement

Quick measurement of all dimensions as well as the actual weight of the box, at the push of a button.

Irregular Size and Shape Measurement

The primary feature of this machine is to measure all irregular shaped and sized box dimensions

Easy Compatibility

AnexVM can be integrated with majority ERP and other softwares for easy compatibility

Barcode Label Printing

Inbuilt system for barcode label printing that includes Dimensions, Actual weight, tracking number

Remote Monitoring and Data Generation.

AnexVM can be connected to WAN and well as LAN to monitor the data remotely, as well as generate data from multiple machines.

Cloud Based Systems

AnexVM can be configured to include cloud based systems to monitor the performance across multiple locations.


The logistics and shipping industry basis its prices majorly on the actual weight of the package or the volumetric/dimensional weight of the box. The actual weight of the box can be easily calculated by placing it on a weighing scale and there are many instruments available in the market. The calculation for the volumetric weight of a package requires its exact dimensions and a formula to convert it to a weight equivalent. A small error in the calculation of the dimensional weight manually, can eventually lead to unnecessarily large costs to the company.
AnexVM is a advanced machine that has been developed using modern technology features like ultrasonic sensors, complete with bar code scanning, to make it a one stop solution for shipping industries to achieve high accuracy in volumetric measurements.


Parameter AnexVM 600 AnexVM 900
Gross Weight of Machine 33 kg 66 kg
Overall Dimensions of Machine 496 mm x 496 mm x 1127 mm 876 mm x 876 mm x 1467 mm
Power Supply Input 230V AC, Output 5V DC, 2Amp Input 230V AC, Output 5V DC, 2Amp
Maximum Length of Parcel 390 mm 760 mm
Minimum Length of Parcel 60 mm 60 mm
Maximum Width of Parcel 390 mm 760 mm
Minimum Width of Parcel 60 mm 60 mm
Maximum Height of Parcel 610 mm 900 mm
Minimum Height of Parcel 10 mm (with Bracket Tool Aid) 10 mm (with Bracket Tool Aid)
Accuracy of Measurement on Length, Width, Height of Parcel +/- 1 cm +/- 1 cm
Length, Width, Height indication Increment 0.1 cm 0.1 cm
Maximum Weight of Parcel 75 kg 200 kg
Accuracy of Weight Measurement Within 1% of measured weight/td> Within 1% of measured weight
Weight Indication Increment 10 gm 10 gm
Yield of Machine 720 Parcels per Hour 720 Parcels per Hour
Yield of Machine Regular Cuboid. Irregular Shapes can be
measured with Help of Bracket Tool Aid
Regular Cuboid. Irregular Shapes can be
measured with Help of Bracket Tool Aid


The main advantage of using AnexVM is the calculation of volume for Irregular shape boxes.

Increase in Productivity - Faster and accurate calculations of Volumetric weight leads to faster transits.

No manual errors in calculations leading to reduced financial losses.

Increased data accuracy in monitoring and logging packages.

Higher output efficiency due to reduction in lead time of manual labour.

Accurate measurement of dimensions of irregular shapes.


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